Everyone Counts

HOO HA! Enterprises Ltd make educational mathematical card games that are fun, captivating, motivating, engaging, but above all meet the needs of teachers, parents and learners.

Children (and adults) learn more easily when they experience success, satisfaction, self-confidence, enjoyment and active engagement.

There is no medium more powerful for providing these experiences than games and we believe that play-based learning is an effective way of instilling confidence and promoting a greater desire to learn in children.

Much of numeracy teaching revolves around giving learners practice in newly acquired skills and developing those skills through application and repetition. The success of mathematics teaching depends to a large extent on the active involvement of the learner. Games cannot be played passively; they demand involvement and for this reason we believe that playing games has an important role in the learning and enhancement of their attitude towards the subject. Games encourage players to work mentally, so freeing up working memory.

HOO HA! games make the necessary practice more effective. The games in the range are designed to provide enjoyable practice in the areas of numeracy that often cause children and adults difficulty and anxiety.

The learning activities that the HOO HA! range of games is designed to address are arithmetic recall, multi-step-function, equivalence and number anxiety.

The games are card based because cards are less cumbersome than board games, and unlike computer games are more socially inclusive and interactive... and this is important, because in our world...
...'Everyone Counts!'